Breakfast Cozy Cones

“It’s a great day when you wake up at Disneyland.”

Do you ever wake up in the morning wishing you were at Disneyland? Girl, same. This breakfast is the PERFECT way to start the day to have a little Disney magic at home. Inspired by the Cozy Cones at Cars Land in Disney’s California Adventure, this recipe uses my homemade bread cones that I first made for Disney Dinners: Cars. I noted at the time that they’d be great with scrambled eggs and I finally tried it and it’s amazing.

Disneyland's Breakfast Cozy Cone | Disney at Home

These are ridiculously fun to eat. It’s breakfast on the go! I think kids would LOVE THIS, especially if they’ve had the cozy cones at Disneyland but even if they haven’t, these are ridiculously fun to eat. I *suppose* you could eat these with a knife and fork but I literally ate mine standing outside supervising a yard project and I didn’t spill a single bite.

Disneyland's Breakfast Cozy Cone | Disney at Home

Disneyland's Breakfast Cozy Cone | Disney at Home

You could of course make bread cones fresh for these but I used day-old bread cones and it was delicious. I wrote this up per bread cone but this would easily double/triple/quadruple – just use a bigger pan and make a bigger batch of the bacon scrambled eggs! I didn’t measure because I never measure when making scrambled eggs but I did film a little TikTok video for you so you can see the amount. Watch me make it:


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Here is the recipe! I hope this brings some Disney joy to your morning.

Disneyland's Breakfast Cozy Cone | Disney at Home

Breakfast Cozy Cones
Leftover bread cone 
2 strips bacon
2 eggs
Splash cream
Salt, pepper
Cheddar cheese
Italian parsley

  1. Use kitchen sheers to cut bacon into lardons in a small nonstick pan. Fry over medium heat until crispy. Remove bacon with a slotted spoon to a paper towel. Drain grease and place pan back on the stove over low heat. Add a small pat of butter to the pan.
  2. Beat eggs, a splash of heavy cream, and salt and pepper with a fork just until combined. Pour egg mixture in the pan. Cook over extremely low heat, constantly pushing the eggs around with a spatula until cooked through. They should be very creamy. Add grated cheddar cheese and a bit of Italian parsley. Stir until cheese has melted.
  3. Spoon bacon scrambled eggs into homemade bread cone and enjoy!

Disneyland's Breakfast Cozy Cone | Disney at Home

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