Where to Get a Mickey Gingerbread at Disneyland

Wondering where to get a Mickey Gingerbread cookie at Disneyland? You’ve come to the right place!

Acquiring a Mickey Gingerbread cookie at Disneyland seemed quite daunting to me before my Christmas trip to Disneyland. Every Disney food blogger I follow has gone on and on about how difficult the famed holiday treats are to get because they sell out so quickly in the park. Most people suggest getting one via mobile order at the Jolly Holliday at 7 am but I’m here to tell you there’s a better place!

Mickey Gingerbread Cookie Disneyland

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Where to Get a Mickey Gingerbread Cookie

We happened upon this fan-favorite holiday treat at Disneyland by sheer chance. We passed through the Grand Californian on our way to check availability at Napa Rose. We marveled over the enormous tree in the lobby. On the piano side of the lobby right by the gingerbread house is Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa Holiday Cart. I literally gasped when I saw the Gingerbread Mickey.  I was expecting to try to snag one on the app at 7 am the next day but there is was: a giant pile of Gingerbread Mickeys at 4 pm on a Wednesday. No mobile ordering required! We just jumped in line and got one like it was 2012. Ah, the good ol’ days!

Mickey Gingerbread Cookie Disneyland


Gleefully, we jumped in line to grab a Gingerbread Mickey and that’s when I saw my favorite holiday treat I ate that trip: waffle shot glasses. Little cups made of waffle cone! You could get one plain or coated with chocolate and you could order it with milk, eggnog, or liquor like amaretto, Bailey’s or rum. We both got a chocolate-coated eggnog shot to go with our Mickey Gingerbread and it was hands down my favorite thing we ate. 

Waffle Shot with Eggnog Disneyland

Disney makes their eggnog (of course they do!) and it takes like holiday magic. It isn’t too thick or too sweet at all and paired amazingly with the dark chocolate from our delicious waffle cone. I could have had half a dozen more! Do NOT skip this hidden treat on your holiday trip to Disneyland, particularly if you want to try the famous Mickey Gingerbread. The cart also had tons of other fabulous-looking Christmas cookies, some of which were even packaged in festive gift boxes.

Mickey Gingerbread Cookie Disneyland

How much is a Mickey Gingerbread cookie?

At the time of publishing this, a Mickey Gingerbread at the Jolly Holliday is $7.49 but at the Grand Californian Holiday Cart, it’ll set you back $9.00. It is quite large and could easily be split by two people. 

where to find Mickey Gingerbread Disneyland

Is the Mickey Gingerbread cookie good?

Yes! Now I should preface this by saying that I don’t really like gingerbread BUT it was incredibly soft and wasn’t too spicy. It had a really earthy flavor. If you love molasses, you will love this adorable cookie! I hope this article helps you in your quest for a Mickey Gingerbread cookie.

Happy holidays,

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