The Best Holiday Treats at Disneyland

Wondering what to eat on your holiday trip to Disneyland Resort? Here are the best holiday treats at Disneyland!

Best Holiday Treats DisneylandMickey Gingerbread Cookie Disneyland

Waffle Shot with Eggnog

Grand Californian | $9.00

Waffle Shot with Eggnog Disneyland

We happened upon my favorite holiday treat at Disneyland by sheer chance. We passed through the Grand Californian on our way to Napa Rose. We oohed and ahhed over the grand tree in the lobby, where photos with Santa were taking place, during our Downtown Disney day. On the piano side by the gingerbread house is Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa Holiday Cart. I gasped when I saw the Mickey Gingerbread. Every food blogger has gone on and on about how difficult they are to find and how they’re sold out if you don’t mobile order one by 7 am but I’m here to tell you otherwise: there was a giant pile of Mickey Gingerbread cookies at this cart at 4 pm on a Wednesday.

Gleefully, we jumped in line to grab one and that’s when I saw it: waffle shot glasses. Little cups made out of waffle cones! You could get one plain or coated with chocolate and you could order it with milk, eggnog, or liquor like amaretto, Bailey’s or rum. We both got a chocolate-coated eggnog shot and it was hands down my favorite thing we ate. 

Disney makes their eggnog (of course they do!) and it takes like holiday magic. It isn’t too thick or too sweet at all and paired amazingly with the dark chocolate from our delicious waffle cone. I could have had half a dozen more! Do NOT skip this hidden treat on your holiday trip to Disneyland.

Mickey Gingerbread

Grand Californian | $9.00 

where to find Mickey Gingerbread Disneyland

Okay, I suppose I have to tell you about the Mickey Gingerbread cookie now that you know the best place to find them! I should preface this by saying that I do not like gingerbread. Having said that, this was still a delicious treat and deserves to be on the list. It’s super soft and isn’t too spicy. It’s very moist with an earthy, molasses flavor so if that sounds like your kind of cookie, you’ll love this Disney classic! Read my full article about where to buy a Mickey Gingerbread cookie here.

Santa Macaron

Jolly Holliday | $6.99

Santa Macaron Disneyland

This was hands down one of my top treats. With peppermint cream and chocolate filling, this macaron had me written all over it. If you’ve never had a macaron at Disneyland before, you’re in for a treat. Jolly Holliday makes amazing macarons and this is no exception. This is a must-order treat, especially if you love peppermint and chocolate like me!

Mickey Peppermint Mallow

Marcelline’s in Downtown Disney | $5.99

Mickey Peppermint Mallow

There was nothing not to love about this Mickey Peppermint Mallow! The marshmallow, clearly handmade, is so creamy and pillowy and dipped in the finest chocolate before getting thoroughly coated with crushed peppermint. If you love candy canes, you’ll love this sweet treat!

Holiday Grey Stuff

Red Rose Tavern | $6.49

Holiday Grey Stuff Disneyland

The holiday grey stuff is just the regular Grey Stuff with holiday sprinkles. Personally, I prefer my recipe for The Grey Stuff, which is more flavorful and chocolate-y than the Disneyland version, but this is still a fun treat. It was a bit sweet for my taste but I loved the raspberry inside and the red velvet cake inside was very moist. Plus, it’s cute as heck and a fun thing to order on your trip!

Holiday Grey Stuff Disneyland

Loaded Potato Bites

Red Rose Tavern | $12.49

Loaded Potato Bites Red Rose Tavern Disneyland

Okay, you caught me. This isn’t a holiday item HOWEVER while you’re ordering Holiday Grey Stuff at Red Rose Tavern, I must insist you order the Loaded Potato Bites. This was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten at Disneyland and I haven’t seen a single food blogger mention it so I felt it was up to me! Crispy tater tots are smothered with braised beef, luscious gravy, and creamy cheese curds and topped with pickled onions. It’s basically fancy poutine and I am still thinking about it. It’s a must-order item!

Churro Toffee

Marcelline’s in Downtown Disney (and other locations) | $6.99

Churro Toffee Disneyland

While technically not a holiday item, I decided to include this because (1) it’s absolutely incredible and (2) cinnamon is a very Christmas-y flavor! The churro toffee absolutely lives up to the hype. I’m overwhelmingly regretful that I didn’t get a pound of it to take back to Texas. I will dream about this perfect, buttery toffee smothered in cinnamon sugar! 

Churro Toffee Disneyland

Christmas Brownie

Jolly Holliday | $5.99

Christmas Brownie Disneyland

This adorable treat would perfect to enjoy during the parade! We had a mobile order set for 3 pm a couple hours before the parade, picked up our treats at about 3:10 pm, and watched the parade from just outside the Jolly Holliday. Everyone around us commented on how jealous they were that we were able to pick up treats to enjoy for the parade so I highly recommend placing a treat order after lunch for just before the parade! The brownie was super fudgy and I loved the dark chocolate Mickey ear disks. 

Maple Beignets

Mint Julep Bar | $5.49

Maple Beignets Disneyland

I’ve heard chatter online that the beignets at Disneyland aren’t what they used to be but I thought these were delightful. I will say that they did smell more maple-y than they tasted; however, they just tasted like delicious, pillowy donuts. The perfect breakfast treat to kick off your day!

Holiday Marshmallow Wand

Pooh Corner | $5.99

Disneyland Holiday Marshmallow Wand

This delicious holiday version of the famous Tigger Tail includes Disneyland’s perfect marshmallows coated in gooey caramel dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with red and green white chocolate drizzle.

Tigger Tail

Pooh Corner | $5.99

Tigger Tail Disneyland

Again, I’m cheating a bit with this list because this is available year-round but while you’re getting a Holiday Marshmallow Wand, you might as well get a famous Tigger Tail. This marshmallow treat has ooey gooey caramel and is coated in orange chocolate. Why don’t more treats have orange and caramel? It’s a winning combination!

Snowman Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

Jolly Holliday | $6.49

Snowman Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake Disneyland

This delicious cinnamon treat is spicy in all the right ways. It’s small – smaller than the macaron, as you can see – but it’s a super rich dessert that could be easily split. And it’s cute as can be! If you love cinnamon, I think you’ll love this happy little treat.

Minnie Mouse Cake Pop

Pooh Corner | $5.99

Minnie Mouse Cake Pop

This vanilla cake pop has marshmallow ears and a candy bow with a sweet vanilla coating and adorable holiday decorations. This was a little pricy but quite large for a cake pop! It’s really the size of three cake pops plus it has those amazing Disney marshmallows, which is always a plus in my book. Though it is on the sweeter side which isn’t typically my jam, I loved how moist and creamy this cake pop was. My only regret is not trying the chocolate cake pop!

I hope that helps you narrow down which treats to get at Disneyland this holiday season! 

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Disneyland Holiday Treats

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