Growing Golden Griller Squash

Golden Griller Squash

When I spotted Golden Griller Squash at Covington’s, I knew I had to try it and it did NOT disappoint. Here’s everything you need to know about Golden Griller Squash.

Golden Griller Squash

About Golden Griller Squash

This disease-resistant squash is known for its amazing flavor and ease in the garden. While still susceptible to the dreaded squash vine borers that plague Texas, I got an amazing yield, harvesting a couple squash every few days in May and June with just one plant in one of the worst growing seasons I can remember. I will definitely be planting more this year! Like other squash, this is a summer annual, meaning you’ll need to replant it every spring. It loves hot weather so only plant it after the danger of frost has passed in your area.

Golden Griller Squash


This is hands down the tastiest yellow squash I’ve ever eaten. I don’t even really like yellow squash. I vastly prefer zucchini but I was so intrigued by the golden color, I just had to try it and wow, this variety changed my mind about squash. It’s so tasty that I even ate it all summer raw, swapping it out for zucchini in my Carpacio di zucchine recipe! If you want the most delicious squash ever, you absolutely must grow Golden Griller Squash.

Golden Griller Squash


This is just the prettiest yellow squash I’ve ever seen. Yellow doesn’t even cover it. It’s truly golden and looks marvelous on the plate and in the garden! Now I will say, the fruit is supposed to be about 6″ and egg shaped but all of mine grew looking much more like traditional squash. Perhaps due to the extreme heat? Who knows, but it tasted fabulous and had an amazing texture! I’m sure someone is going to comment saying I did something wrong for it to grow long and skinny but as you can see, it started out long and skinny right from the beginning.

Golden Griller Squash

Golden Griller Squash

How to Grow

I found this squash quite easy to grow. Last summer was an abysmal year in the garden due to extreme heat (you know it’s bad when the state agriculture site recommends ripping out tomatoes by Independence Day!) but I still had an amazing yield of Golden Griller Squash. 

Golden Griller Squash
Golden Griller is on the left. You can see it’s nearly double the size of the zucchini plant next it as of May (one month after planting)

Golden Griller Squash

Plant Golden Griller Squash in full sun. I planted mine in my raised bed garden with tons of other veggies. You can read all about my raised bed garden set up here. Other than planting it with good soil in full sun with some marigolds for pest protection, all I did was water regularly and feed with Seaweed Magic once a month. It’s that easy!

How to Pollinate (And a Tasty Bonus!)

The best part about growing your own squash, zucchini, and pumpkins is the squash blossoms. My face looks like the heart eye emoji just thinking about fresh squash blossoms! You need male and female blossoms for the plant to fruit. The female flowers have adorable tiny little fruit at the base of the flowers whereas the males do not. Male flowers pop up first and you get tons of them. Harvest these and eat them all! I eat them on pizza, in pasta…I’ll even throw them in salads for a gorgeous final touch. 

Squash Blossom Quesadilla

Now, the bees might pollinate for you but just to be safe, I like to hand pollinate. Just push back the petal and rub the stamen of the male flower inside the female flower. (Who said gardening isn’t sexy?) It takes seconds and then voila, your flower is pollinated and becomes squash! 

Golden Griller Squash
A male flower – nothing but stem under the flower!
Golden Griller Squash
Female flowers clearly have fruit underthem.

Golden Griller SquashGolden Griller Squash

Final Thoughts

If you love squash, you must grow this fabulous variety. Hell, even if you don’t love squash, this gorgeous veggie might change your mind!

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