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One of my readers DM’d me the other day saying she was coming to Dallas and what should she do while she’s here? I immediately recommended that she visit the Bishop Arts District and realized in horror that I’ve never written about the adorable area here on The Rose Table. So here we go! If you’re visiting Dallas and looking for one of the best things to do, here’s everything you need to know about Bishop Arts.

What is Bishop Arts?

The Bishop Arts District is a collection of fantastic shops, restaurants, bars, and bakeries in one small radius. Just park (it’s free!) anywhere around the area from Nora down to The Salty and you’ll find hours of entertainment and amazing eateries. Just walking around is fun: the street is downright picturesque, with storefronts begging to be photographed and murals painted by local artists.

Bishop Arts District

Where is Bishop Arts? 

Bishop Arts is south of I-30 and just west of downtown Dallas. It technically refers to a larger neighborhood, including the surrounding streets with many historical homes, but when most people refer to Bishop Arts, they’re specifically referring to Bishop Avenue between W 9th Street and W Davis Street where so many awesome businesses are to be found one after another. Every nook and cranny is just adorable!

Bishop Arts District

The Food

There are so many amazing places to eat on Bishop Avenue that I haven’t been to yet like Boulevardier (a Dallas classic!) and Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ. Here are a few of my favorites.


Nora used to be on Lower Greenville (another cute neighborhood in Dallas) but moved to Bishop Arts a few years ago. I’ve never had a disappointing meal at this amazing Afghani restaurant. The hummus alone is worth flying in for! It’s no wonder this beautiful restaurant has been featured on Food Network.


I just love a gorgeous brunch spot! I took my best friend here when she was in town and we squealed over the gorgeous garden patio, chic interior, and delectable menu. The Coastal California-esque cuisine has dishes like burrata with beets, perfect roasted chicken, and oysters. The drinks are also amazing!

Paradiso Bishop Arts Review

Paradiso Bishop Arts Review

@therosetable Had the loveliest lunch at Paradiso in @bishopartsdallas celebrating my 13 year frienniversary with @Sarah Carey ♬ Suivre le soleil – Vanille

La Reunion

This hole-in-the-wall is the perfect place to get coffee, cocktails, brunch, or pizza.

Mermaid Bar

I wrote a whole article about the adorable Mermaid Bar that pops up every spring-through summer outside of Paradiso. I don’t know what’s better: the oysters, the drinks, or the cute-as-heck mermaid aesthetic complete with bubbles that beg you stop in when you’re innocently walking down the sidewalk. 

Mermaid Raw Bar & Champagne Room Dallas Bishop Arts

Mermaid Raw Bar & Champagne Room Dallas Bishop Arts

Sweet Treats

In addition to all the restaurant options, you’ll find multiple ice cream shops, a pie shop, the best donuts in the state, and a chocolate shop all within walking distance. It’s so hard to choose! I recommend getting pie and donuts for the rest of the week and ice cream while you’re there.

Emporium Pies

This has to be the best pie in Dallas. The bakery is in an adorable little house that just begs to be Instagrammed. The Smooth Opera (chocolate pie with pretzel crust) is my personal favorite but you really can’t go wrong at this gem of a bakery.

The Salty Donut

If you follow me on Instagram, you are well aware of my affinity for The Salty. They’re the best donuts in the state. Shoutout to my donut dealer and bestie @chompdallas for introducing me to The Salty! Possibly the country. Very possibly the world. It’s really unfair to other donuts to even have these brioche pillows of goodness in the same category. They’re in a league of their own. In fact they’re so rich, there’s only a few flavors I would consider eating for breakfast. Most I consider dessert and worth every calorie. The Horchata will change your life.

The Salty Bishop Arts The Salty Bishop Arts The Salty Bishop Arts

Pro tip: order online ahead of time so you get the flavors you want. Read about my Donut & Whiskey Tasting featuring The Salty here.

The Salty Donuts, Donut and Bourbon Whiskey TastingThe Salty Donuts, Donut and Bourbon Whiskey Tasting

Azucar Ice Cream

The sign alone will draw you in. Originally founded in Havana, the Azucar menu has Cuban flare and uses natural ingredients. They regularly swap out their menu throughout the year to focus on locally grown fruits. I’ve never had a flavor here I didn’t like! I always end a day at Bishop Arts with a scoop at Azucar.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

I haven’t been to the Bishop Arts location yet but I’ve been to Dude, Sweet Chocolate many times in Fort Worth and on Lower Greenville and the chocolate lives up to the hype. The unusual ingredients might surprise you but the chocolate will wow you. It’s a great place to pick up a hostess gift or birthday treat!


Speaking of gifts, Bishop Arts is a great place to find presents. There are several clothing stores, an art gallery, a plant shop, and more. You’ll find adorable little boutiques – no chains allowed here – with everything from fun soaps to jewelry to books and board games. I do have to give a shoutout to my favorite shop though!

Marcel Market

I’m smiling just thinking about it! Towards 9th Street across from Nora is the cutest shop with French imports. I found the most incredible French perfume here! They have tons of lotions, soaps, and other bath products as well as French fashion and delicious imported foodie items. This is hands-down my favorite shop in Bishop Arts. 

Marcel Market Bishop Arts
The amazing French perfume I treated myself to!

I hope this convinced you to visit Bishop Arts District. There’s so much to do and see and eat! I’ll update this article as I eat my way through Bishop Arts. 

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Bishop Arts District

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