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It’s my baby’s sixteenth birthday today! I bought Wendy when she was a little filly nearly fifteen years ago. (After all, who can afford a fully grown Friesian?!)  I honestly never could have imagined how much she would impact my life. I left not one but TWO jobs because of her, I moved to my town because of her, and I even sort of started The Rose Table because of her! Wendy is currently in driving training at Laurel Ridge Stables and it’s not lost on me how incredibly funny it is that finally at sixteen years old, she’s about to get her drivers license. 

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Horse Treat Plate
Spoiled pony with her treat plate!

If you want to see photos of baby Wendy, read this.

When I was thirteen years old, I was supposed to show my beloved American Saddlebred Prince in fine harness at the Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show. He had a horrible accident and almost died and my show dreams were dashed but my mom, being the absolute best, decided to take me to Lexington anyway for a girls trip. We had a blast at the show and she even surprised me by taking me to meet Prince’s famous sire, Supreme Heir. It’s still one of my favorite memories! It was at that horse show that I first laid eyes on a Friesian. I remember it as clear as can be. This incredibly fancy woman was driving a massive team of Friesian horses and, without taking my eyes off them, I told my mom, “Someday that’s gonna be me.”

Horse Blog | Wendy the Friesian

Wendy may be my fancy dressage horse but I’ve never let go of my driving dreams. Carriage driving really was always my favorite thing to do with horses when I was young and I’m so happy to have finally gotten back into it. Wendy is currently in driving training at Laurel Ridge Stables and my trainer has been doing an amazing job. She’s so patient with her! I’ve been in training too, taking driving lessons with Hannah’s Haflinger Dolly.

Driving a Saddlebred
Sadly there are no photos of me driving Prince but here I am learning to drive on a different Saddlebred when I’m about 12 years old
Driving a Saddlebred
You can’t tell by my serious “I’m concentrating!” face but I’m having the freaking time of my life out there
Horse Blog | Wendy the Friesian
spa day for my pretty girl!

Wendy the Friesian

I’m excited to say, I bought a cart this winter! It’s fancy but still sporty and not too big but big enough to take my friends out for a Sunday drive. I haven’t gotten to take it for a spin yet but I can’t wait to start playing with it.

My cart! Not Wendy in the picture but soon 🙂

This week I’m ordering Wendy some custom blinkers (with my Rose Table logo!) and a new driving bridle. I am chomping at the bit at the thought of driving her. This will truly launch a new era of The Rose Table. There will only be BCD and ACD: before carriage driving and after carriage driving. 

Brunch at the Barn | Horse BlogWendy the Friesian

As this is my year of the Friesian, I vow on blogging more regularly about my equestrian lifestyle. Anyone who says that people are more on brand for The Rose Table truly hasn’t been paying attention. After all, horses make life a fairytale. Plus you all seemed to enjoy my Brunch at the Barn so much! If you haven’t seen it, watch Brunch at the Barn starring Wendy now!

Make your dreams come true,

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  1. Maxine Hopewell Avatar
    Maxine Hopewell

    Wendy is beautiful- her mane is amazing.

  2. She is one lucky horse!

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