Allow me to present: Shark-cuterie! How cute is this? As a shark enthusiast, arranging this board made me absolutely giddy. It’s the perfect Shark Week snack board!

Shark-cuterie Board | Shark Week Recipes

The most important part of this board of course is the homemade Shark Crackers. These are super easy to make and taste like butter and cheese. What’s not to love there?!

Shark Crackers | Shark Week RecipeShark-cuterie Board | Shark Week Recipes

Up the cuteness by using seashells on the board, like I did here for my lox. (Learn how to make your own gravlax here.) Then roll salami slices up and tuck them under the seashell like barnacles. (Don’t skip the salami – that’s what makes it a charcuterie board! Charcuterie = cured meat. Please spread the word. Nothing annoys me more than food bloggers who call something a charcuterie board that has no meat.)

Shark-cuterie Board | Shark Week RecipesShark-cuterie Board | Shark Week RecipesShark-cuterie Board | Shark Week Recipes

I added green grapes and blueberries because I liked the color story for an ocean-themed charcuterie board. I cut white cheddar intro triangles to signify shark teeth. Tuck some almond “fish food” in any open spots and add fresh dill for a seaweed look. What’s the story with the garlic goat or Boursin cheese? It’s simply delicious with lox and crackers! 

Shark-cuterie Board | Shark Week Recipes

Shark-cuterie Board
Shark crackers
Lox or smoked salmon
White cheddar, cut into triangles
Green grapes
Smoked almonds
Goat cheese or Boursin cheese
Fresh dill

  1. Arrange homemade Shark Crackers on a platter with lox, salami, white cheddar “shark teeth,” green grapes, blueberries, smoked almonds, goat or Boursin cheese, and fresh dill “seaweed.” Serve immediately. 

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