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Brew STX is located on the Christiansted boardwalk on the Caribbean island of Saint Croix. Brew STX brews its own beer on site and is the only brewery on the island. It’s an open-air restaurant right on the water that focuses on elevated bar food. Brew STX uses a lot of local ingredients from the fine folks at ArtFarm. The brewery and bar hosts popular trivia nights on the upstairs balcony. I’m told to expect more special events such as seafood boils, beer dinners, and farm-to-table dinners coming soon! Check their Facebook page for event information.

It was a dark and stormy August night when my friend Sarah and I ate at Brew STX and it was quite cozy during the storm. Here are a few of my favorite dishes.

Brew STX Review

Brew STX Review
Such a nice view!
Brew STX Review
Watchig the storm roll in at Brew STX

Coconut Curry Mussels

The coconut curry mussels have a bit of a kick but aren’t too spicy. They pack a ton of coconut flavor in the sauce and are served with toasted baguette. Definitely one of my favorite items of the menu so be sure to try it!

Coconut Curry Mussels

Thai Chicken Wings

Brew’s award-winning crispy Thai wings are award winning for a reason. They are impossibly crispy! So crispy! You won’t believe how crispy! Chef Ryan explained that they are steam fried, a labor-intensive technique that makes the starch crisp up particularly well. I’m not a big wings person but these sweet chili wings are absolutely out of this world.

Thai Chicken Wings Thai Chicken Wings

Hummus Platter

The hummus platter is presented like an adorable Mediterranean pizza, which I think I’ll start doing at home! Flatbread is topped with creamy hummus, fresh herbs, crispy chick peas (my favorite part!), carrots, pickled onions, and Kalamata olives. It’s a fun, new way to eat hummus.

Hummus Platter | The Rose Table Hummus Platter | The Rose Table

Housemade Pasta

The homemade raviolo with egg yolk, grilled mushrooms, braised short rib, and truffle butter is super rich and fabulous. Egg yolk goes everywhere when you cut into it. If you’re a truffle person like me, you’ll love this dish.

Housemade Pasta | The Rose Table

Johnny Cakes with Mango Ice Cream

The Johnny cakes with mango ice cream are basically cream cheese fritters with ice cream. Served with homemade ricotta cheese whipped with lemon zest, this a bit like a beignet with a tropical twist. It was a nice surprise to see a creamy fruit ice cream; sorbet is much more expected but then again, Brew STX aims to exceed your bar food expectations. This was one of Sarah’s favorite desserts we had on Saint Croix!

Johnny Cakes with Mango Ice Cream | The Rose Table


This is basically an alcoholic milkshake but it’s worth every sip!

Brew STX Review

Brew STX is open from 11 am until 9 pm every day and recently added a killer brunch menu served on Sundays. Be sure to stroll around the adorable Christiansted boardwalk after dinner and enjoy the harbor views! Want more Saint Croix? Read about Cafe Christine, 40 Strand Eatery, and The Buccaneer Hotel.

Sarah Carey Movie Star
Sarah (@roguetastic) modeling the Christiansted boardwalk for us

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Brew STX Review


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