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I recently had new portraits taken for my website by Emily Trupiano, a.k.a. TruPhoto TX. I thought you might like to see a glimpse into my every day life: coffee under the trees, dinner in the courtyard, wine by the fire pit, and sunset with my horses.

My Ritz Carlton robe and my Tiffany & Co mug

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I swapped out a nook with a worn out shed into my favorite evening hangout. Read about my Backyard Transformation here.

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You can get all of the recipes photographed above right here on The Rose Table: Classic Caprese Salad, Greek Orzo SaladChambord Chocolate Cake.

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My old, weathered croquet set

I love all of the photos but I especially treasure the snapshots Emily captured with my horses! Here is my beloved Prince, love of my life, king of my heart, my moon and stars. I could not have asked for a better horse with whom to grow up.

And Wendy Darling, my dream horse. To me Wendy is so much more than a horse. She’s really the unofficial symbol of The Rose Table. She’s everything I ever wanted personified into a comical Disney horse. Long before I dreamed up The Rose Table I dreamt about riding my very own Friesian and having epic farm picnics. Wendy was my first big dream to come true.

I’ll never forget riding Wendy when she was just four or five years old and my trainer Jessica said, “You should start a food blog.”

“Who would read it?” I laughed.

“Who wouldn’t read it?” She replied. That was years before I actually started The Rose Table but the seed was planted right there on my horse.

Here we are years later and I do believe that the best is yet to come.

Thank you to TruPhoto for these magical photos! Follow Emily on Instagram and like TruPhoto on Facebook.

Keep dreaming,

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