Spring Horse Picnic

Ever wonder what the heck I do the day after Disney Dinners? Why I head to the stables for a nice relaxing picnic with my horses! After Beauty and the Beast, I realized that – gasp! – we somehow had some Veuve Clicquot left and I just can’t casually drink Veuve so I decided on an impromptu horse picnic. Seven minutes later, I was off to my beloved Black Star Sport Horses. There’s just something about horses that is so incredibly soothing to me. The paddocks where I like to picnic are far from the hustle and bustle of the arena (the farm is over 250 acres!) and all I could hear for hours was the wind rustling the leaves and horses happily munching on grass.

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table
Wendy almost always looks like trumpets are announcing her presence
What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table
She was quite irritated that she couldn’t reach me but what can I say, I’m half Irish and need shade!

My own horse Wendy didn’t realize that I was picnicking without her for several minutes, as she was on the other side of the pasture. She was furious when she realized I was picnicking without her! (My other horse Prince spends his days hanging out on another part of the farm, which is quite a bit sunnier so I chose to hang out with Wendy & Co on this sunny day.) Here’s how to recreate my picnic.

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table

What to Pack

The essential picnic components are this: a large quilt and a picnic basket full of food. I’ve had my Longaberger picnic basket for probably seven or eight years and it’s held up like a dream. I steer clear of plastic and disposable plates in general because, well, my mom is Californian and was environmentally friendly before it was trendy. I take real silverware but love melamine outdoor plates because they’re much lighter weight that indoor plates. I’m obsessed with Pier 1’s new outdoor stemless rose gold wine glasses. They look so fancy but are durable enough to enjoy wherever your adventures take you.

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table
Please notice the champagne stopper on my bottle; we’ll discuss in a bit

Make it a Rose Table picnic by adding fresh flowers! An easy way to transport flowers is to wrap the stems in damp paper towels during your drive so you don’t risk water sloshing around in your car. The aforementioned rose gold wine glasses would actually be a gorgeous and light weight vase! Just make sure to move the flowers out and wash it immediately when you get home so your glass doesn’t get yucky. Shorter bouquets are easier because they are less of a hassle to carry around and won’t fall over in wind as easy as a low, sturdy bouquet.

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table

I highly recommend throwing in some outdoor pillows if you plan to hang out for a while. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not entirely comfortable to hang out on a picnic blanket all afternoon without pillows. You’ll thank me after you finish lunch! Finally, I went by myself so I took a great book to keep me company and set up the whole scene under shady trees between two horse pastures.

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table

What to Eat

I wasn’t going to write about this picnic at first because I didn’t cook a damn thing but that’s exactly what I decided to write about it. People think my life is much more high maintenance than it actually is! You do not have to be a world class cook – or even if you are, in the mood to cook – to enjoy a lovely picnic.  I very often take hummus and veggies, chips, and some sort of sandwich. When I lived in Fort Worth, I used to pick up breakfast at a farmers market every Saturday on my way to the stables and would share fresh fruit with my horse Wendy. Alright fine, I would also eat a chocolate croissant. Yolo, right?

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table

On this particular afternoon, I took half of a leftover wrap (turkey, mayonnaise, cheese, cranberries, and lettuce in a tortilla) and some berries. I also packed up some Chambord Brownies, which were leftover from The Grey Stuff the evening before. Brownies are one of my favorite picnic treats!

Chambord Brownies, What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table

What to Drink

I loathe soda. Always have. Ask my brother, who tried valiantly to get me to acquire a taste for it. I like to take my giant cäk thermos full of water plus a bottle of wine or champagne depending on what I’m eating.

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table

Veuve Clicquot Picnic
Those are some decent bubbles for day-old champagne! This is why champagne wine stoppers are key.

What to Wear

I find that picnics are most enjoyable in a comfy dress, but that’s just me. I like to wear maxi dresses because they protect my legs from bugs and the sun.  I always have a floppy hat and if I’m going to the stables, I have my boots to change into when I play with my horses. And for Heaven’s sake, don’t forget sunscreen!

What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table
cäk bottle, floppy hat, maxi dress, no makeup
What to Pack for a Picnic | The Rose Table
Happy Wendy <3

Happy picnicking,

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