Try The Grey Stuff (It’s Delicious!)

“Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!”

Looking for a dessert for your very own Beauty and the Beast dinner party? You’ve come to the right place! My goal with The Grey Stuff was to offer the world an elegant, brand new version of the viral phenomenon. In the animated movie, it’s not clear what The Grey Stuff is. In the remake, it’s likely caviar. In the parks though The Grey Stuff is basically a cupcake with the frosting-to-cupcake ratio completely swapped: a mountain of grey frosting with a tiny bit of red velvet cake. Then there’s the viral recipe with frozen whipped topping and pudding mix. My Grey Stuff is brand new and hands down one of my favorite desserts.

The Grey Stuff Beauty and the Beast Recipe

I cut homemade Chambord Brownies into rounds and piped on hand whipped cookies ‘n’ cream whipped cream. Now in a pinch, you could use your favorite brownie mix but my brownies are so easy, I’d love for you to give them a try! Chambord is a French mixed berry liqueur that I thought would make this dessert a bit more fitting for a movie set in France. I considered a ton of different whipped cream options since Oreos are so American, but what can I say, they turn whipped cream perfectly grey!

The Grey Stuff Beauty and the Beast Recipe

The Grey Stuff Beauty and the Beast Recipe

The Grey Stuff Beauty and the Beast Recipe

Every whipped cream recipe on The Rose Table will keep for days. When I was a teenager, I started adding powdered sugar to whipped cream instead of granulated sugar (I’m a rebel like that) and accidentally discovered that stabilizes whipped cream. I can confirm that The Grey Stuff will stay piped and gorgeous for at least three whole days in the fridge.

The Grey Stuff Beauty and the Beast Recipe

This is such an elegant, decadent treat I wondered why I haven’t been piping whipped cream on brownie rounds for years! It takes brownies to a whole new level. Now without further a do, please try The Grey Stuff – it’s delicious!

The Grey Stuff Beauty and the Beast Recipe

The Grey Stuff
Chambord Brownies, baked in a 9” pan and cooled
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup powdered sugar
7 Oreos (regular, not double stuffed)

  1. Finely crush oreos in a food processor.
  2. Beat whipping cream with a metal whisk in a metal bowl until it thickens. Add vanilla, and powdered sugar. Beat until soft peaks form.
  3. Stir in crushed oreos. Your mixture should be grey.
  4. Spoon into piping bag fitted with a large metal tip. (I used a Wilton No. 2D Large Drop Flower Piping Tip.)
  5. Using a biscuit cutter or glass, cut 6 rounds out of brownies. Set on a plate. Remove remaining scraps from pan. (They freeze great!) Return rounds to empty brownie pan.
  6. Carefully pipe The Grey Stuff on to brownie rounds. Garnish with pearl sugar. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Remove from fridge about half an hour before serving.

Read more about Disney Dinners: Beauty and the Beast here. Watch the Beauty and the Beast video:

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    Do you ever Host meals for people? I can’t find anything other than your recipes

    1. Katie-Rose Watson says:

      Hi Kat! No, I don’t. I’m just a food blogger; I cook for my friends and post my recipes here on my website. 🙂 I don’t do any sort of catering at this time.

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