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To say I’m a Disney fan would be a huge understatement. The Rose Table is best known for my Disney Dinners series. Here are some of my favorite Disney recipes to add some magic to your kitchen!

The Grey Stuff

My version of The Grey Stuff is cookies and cream whipped cream. It’s delicious on its own, on brownie rounds, on cupcakes, and on sugar cookies – just like the Disney parks! Get the recipe here.

The Grey Stuff Recipe Beauty and the Beast Food | The Rose Table

Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats

All Disney fans know: everything tastes better shaped like Mickey Mouse. Kids will love decorating these Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats! Get the recipe here.

Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats Disneyland Recipe

Painting The Roses Red Cupcakes

The Queen of Hearts get her culinary wish with these magical cupcakes. Roses are piped on with frosting and edible color mist is used to “paint” the white rose cupcakes red, just like in Alice in Wonderland. Get the recipe here.

Painting the Roses Red Cupcakes | Alice in Wonderland Party Recipes

Rapunzel’s Braid Bread

Not only is this recipe positively adorable, it’s freaking delicious! Get the recipe here.

Rapunzel's Braid Bread

Maleficent Horns

Maleficent’s iconic horns are as fun to make as they are delicious! You can fill them with everything from lunchmeat and cheese to hummus and chicken or serve them with spinach dip like I did for my Maleficent party. Get the recipe here.

Maleficent Horns

Blue Bayou’s Lamb Dinner

One of my favorite Disneyland dinners is Blue Bayou’s lamb dinner. I recreated all of the components for a cozy dinner at the lake. Get the recipe here.

Blue Bayou's Lamb Dinner for Two

Peppermint Marshmallow Wands

This holiday treat is inspired by the Disneyland parks treat. I used homemade marshmallows for this recipe but you could use store bought if you prefer. Get the recipe here.

Disneyland Park Treats | Peppermint Marshmallow Pop Recipe

Minnie Mouse Ear Cakes

What could be better than tucking into your very own Minnie Mouse Ear Cakes?! A two-layer cake recipe makes enough for six individual Minnie Mouse Ear Cakes. I decorated mine for my Haunted Mansion party but you could go classic Minnie with red and black. Get the recipe here.

Beef Ragout

Be Our Guest! This comforting French dinner is delicious paired with mashed potatoes. Now if only the dishes would scrub themselves! Get the recipe.

Disney Dinner: Beef Ragout from Beauty and the Beast

Mary Poppins Hats

These look harder than they are to make. They’re really quite simple and make you feel like you’re having a jolly holiday! Get the recipe here.

Mini Mary Poppins Hat Cakes Disney Dessert | The Rose Table

Winged Creature Cheesecake

Delicious mini cheesecakes inspired by our favorite horned fairy. Get the recipe here.

Winged Creature Cheesecake, Disney Maleficent Party Food

Tea Sandwich Flight

Speaking of Mary Poppins, have a whole Mary Poppins-themed tea party with my whimsical tea sandwich flight. Sandwiches includes: cucumber and ricotta umbrellas, shrimp salad balloons, mini chicken croissants, and lox and cream cheese kites. Get the recipes here.

Tea Sandwich Flight, Best Tea Sandwich Recipes | The Rose Table

Cozy Cones

Carsland fans, this one is for you! I filled my Cozy Cones with mac ‘n’ cheese but the possibilities are endless. Get the recipe here.

Disneyland Bread Cones Recipe

Glass Slipper Sugar Cookies

Have a Cinderella fan in your life? Then you must make Glass Slipper Sugar Cookies! These were a hit at my Cinderella Ball. Get the recipe here.

Glass Slipper Cookies | The Rose Table

Sea Witch Cupcakes

Everything’s better down where it’s wetter! My magical Sea Witch Cupcakes have a surprise center: inky black filling! Get the recipe here.

Tiana’s Gumbo

Hey everybody, I made gumbo! I perfected my gumbo recipe for Disney Dinners: Princess and the Frog and I think our girl T would be proud. Get the recipe here.

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Captain Jack Sparrow Cupcakes

The cupcake that started it all! I came up with this rum-chocolate-caramel cupcake to celebrate a Pirates of the Caribbean movie release and it later sparked the idea for my Disney Dinners. Get the recipe here.

Captain Jack Sparrow Cupcakes | The Rose Table

Cinderella Cake

This cake’s claim to fame? Chris Provost of Provost Park Pass said, “This is the greatest cake I’ve ever had in my life.” That’s pretty high praise! Get the recipe here.

Cinderella Cake with Glass Slipper | The Rose Table

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway Hot Fudge Sundae

Because some sundae’s are worth melting for. Make all of your Frozen dreams come true with this delightful sundae smothered with homemade hot fudge! Get the recipe here.

The Best Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce | The Rose Table, Frozen recipes, adult Frozen dinner party

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