Sweet Hawaiian rolls are the perfect complement to juicy sliders

I don’t know why on earth everyone these days makes meatloaf when they’re trying to make burgers. Please help me spread the word: you do not need eggs and bread crumbs in burgers. That is just a burger-shaped meatloaf. All you need for a great burger is really high quality 80/20 beef and a little bit of salt – don’t even mix the salt into the meat! Just salt the outside for a nice crust. That’s it. People over think burgers.

How to make Sliders

How to make Sliders4th of July Menu

You can easily translate this concept to a large burger but these cute little sliders cook up in just four minutes on the grill or on the stove. I love them on Hawaiian Rolls- yum! If you want to make them cheeseburger sliders, just melt a slice of cheddar on each for the last minute.

4th of July Flowers4th of July Menu

I served these cuties at Disney Dinners: Cars alongside bacon mac ‘n’ cheese in bread cones. Each person had just one slider since the cone was so heavy but in general, I would count on 2-3 sliders per person depending on everyone’s appetite. I also served them at my Patriotic Pool Party with potato salad and firework fruit wands.

Makes 8
1 lbs organic 80/20 ground beef
Sea salt
8 King’s Hawaiian Rolls
8 pieces of butterhead lettuce
8 tomato slices
Pickle slices

  1. Divide ground beef into eight equal parts and form fairly thin patties. (They will puff up as they cook.) Grind sea salt on one side.
  2. Grill patties or cook on the stove in a nonstick skillet (no butter necessary – 80/20 has enough fat to coat the pan) with the lid on for four minutes per side.
  3. Serve on King’s Hawaiian rolls with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and mustard for an All American slider!

Read more about my Patriotic Pool Party here. Watch the episode: 

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How to make Sliders


Read more about Disney Dinners: Cars here. Watch the episode:


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