How to Poach Eggs

How to Poach Eggs

This is an exciting day on The Rose Table. After six years of publishing recipes, I am FINALLY publishing how to poach eggs. It’s kind of nuts that this has never appeared on before, since I’ve been poaching eggs since I was a teenager. It’s my favorite breakfast! I eat poached eggs more than anything else for breakfast. Here’s how I do it.

I am a huge poached egg snob. Ask any of my friends. I’m always shocked at how often restaurants get it wrong: the yolk will be too hard or, even worse, the white will still be runny. This is the only method you’ll ever need to poach perfect eggs every time.

How to Poach Eggs

Poaching is the healthiest way to cook an egg, as the egg is cooked in water, not butter. Don’t be afraid to poach eggs! I’m going to walk you through it.

How to Poach Eggs

I usually just poach eggs two at a time for myself but I’ve poached as many as six at a time. All you have to do is fill a small sauce pan up 3/4 full with water and a splash of distilled vinegar. Crack two eggs in measuring cups so they’re ready to go. Bring the water to a boil then immediately turn the heat down to low – and I mean super low. The lowest setting. Slide each egg into the water, giving the area above the egg a little swirl with a spoon. Set your time for four minutes and wait. At exactly four minutes (for hard white and a runny yolk), remove eggs with a slotted spoon. Serve on buttered toast.

Now I doctor up my poached eggs all sorts of way. You’ve seen the variations many, many times on my social media. I always sprinkle a fancy sea salt on top with freshly cracked black pepper and either chopped parsley or chives. Sometimes when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll put smoked salmon on toast before laying the eggs on top. Lately I’ve been sprinkling on paprika and sesame seeds. Once you’ve mastered the poached eggs, there’s so many things to do with it!

How to Poach Eggs

Perfect Poached Eggs
2 eggs
Splash distilled white vinegar
suggestion: toast, parsley, sea salt, black pepper, paprika

  1. Fill a small sauce pan 3/4 full with water. Crack two eggs into measuring cups (I usually use two 1/3 cup measuring cups) so they’re ready to slide into the water. Do not attempt to crack eggs directly into the water.
  2. Bring water just to a boil. Add a splash of distilled white vinegar and turn the heat down to low. Super low. The lowest setting. Carefully lower the measuring cups down to the water and slowly tip them to let the egg slide into the water.
  3. Set a timer for exactly four minutes. Don’t go anywhere. The water should not be moving at this point, just very hot. The eggs should be at the bottom of the water. Don’t touch them.
  4. When the timer goes off, carefully remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and serve on buttered toast with your favorite sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Watch me make it:


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How to Poach Eggs

Happy poaching,

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  1. These look incredible!

    1. Katie-Rose Watson Avatar
      Katie-Rose Watson

      Thank you so much!

  2. I am 58 yo and have been trying to figure this out most of my adult life. As a kid I watched an Aunt make them and hers looked as perfect as yours but I could never quite achieve that runny yolk, cooked white perfection. Now I know turning that temp to lowest setting for 4 min. is key. I can’t wait to try this in the morning. Thank you!

  3. I feel like I can officially level up as an adult! I love poached eggs but always failed at making them until now!

    Thank you!

    1. Katie-Rose Watson Avatar
      Katie-Rose Watson

      I’m so glad! Happy poaching 🙂

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