Holiday Gift Guide 2021

I haven’t done a gift guide in several years but there’s so many things I have to recommend this year! Here is the official Rose Table Holiday Gift Guide 2021.

For Disney Lovers

Williams-Sonoma has an AWESOME Disney collection. My personal favorites include the Mickey Mouse ice mold (see my Mickey Mouse old fashioned here) and the pancake molds.

For Bakers

An absolute game-changer for me was when my mom got me the Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch cookie sheets. (This post, by the way, is not sponsored by Williams-Sonoma – ha! I just adore the store.) The cookie sheets are a gateway item because before you know it, you’ll want the 9×13, 9″ square pan, 8″ square pan, cake pans…you get the drift. Nothing has ever stuck to any of my Goldtouch products and cookies turn out waaaay better. I’m obsessed!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

For the Entertainer

I just received my first Loom & Table tablecloth and I am obsessed! The tablecloths are custom made to fit your table. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought the same size tablecloth and it either barely goes to to the edge or practically touches the ground. I find tablecloth sizing so frustrating so I was incredibly excited to see that Loom & Table not only asks you for the size of your table but also the desired drop measurement. At $48, this custom tablecloth is very reasonably priced! I have the Birch tablecloth in white and love the two-tone look and detail in the stitching. Shop all Loom & Table products here. Use the code ROSE15 for 15% regularly priced items!

For Hygge Lovers

Ahh, hygge: the art of being cozy. When I first heard the phrase “hygge” and read the meaning, I laughed out loud because it’s basically every night at my house. If you’re as obsessed with candles like I am, light Candles by Carol and your house will smell like The Rose Table! I burn one most nights and I’ve even featured a few at my Disney Dinners. Carol’s candles are handmade in a darling shop on the historic square of my town but she ships nation wide. Some of my favorite scents are French Market, Zen, Citrus Splash, Lavender, and Sugar Cookie.

For Snack Lovers

A box of Eastern Standard Provisions pretzels is the perfect gift for anyone who loves snacks. I can’t stop, won’t stop shouting my love for these pretzels on my proverbial rooftop. These pretzels are AMAZING. My friend Candy gifted me a box last year and I’ve probably sent a dozen boxes since as gifts. Who doesn’t love a big box of pretzels showing up on their doorstep?! The best part is that the pretzels can stay in your freezer for months and you don’t even need to thaw them to bake them, so it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Plus they’re reasonably priced to start and they have GREAT deals so sign up for their emails.

For Wine Lovers

My sister-in-law got me a very special bottle of wine for Christmas two years ago and I screamed when I opened the box. Great wine never goes out of style! My friends at Kuhlman Cellars have some awesome holiday bundles. Personally, their Roussanne is my favorite. A good glass of Roussanne and my roasted chicken is pretty much perfection and their Sangiovese goes fabulously with my Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

For Foodies

Get The Rose Table cookbook, of course! Full of seventy of my FAVORITE recipes, this cookbook is perfect for the cook in your life. Some pages even have QR codes that instantly take you to the corresponding episode of The Rose Table so you can cook along with me. Order the cookbook here.

Best Cookbooks

Christmas Gifts for FoodiesChristmas Gifts for Foodies

Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Christmas Gifts for Foodies

I rarely mention this, but I have an Amazon Store full of recommendations that would be perfect to peruse for holiday gifts! You can get to it at any time by clicking the Shop button in the top navigation on It’s broken into two sections: my Lifestyle Shop and my Rose Table Loves Shop.

Lifestyle Shop:

My Lifestyle Shop list has 70+ items that are very Rose Table, from picnic baskets to glamorous tote bags, great gardening gifts, vases, barware, floppy hats, cutting boards, candles, and more. I personally curate everything on this list. Everything is something I would personally love to own and everything is under $50.

Christmas Gift Ideas for FoodiesChristmas Gift Ideas for FoodiesChristmas Gift Ideas for FoodiesChristmas Gift Ideas for Foodies Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

My Rose Table Loves Shop:

The Rose Table Loves Shop is full of things that I actually own and use, including many items you’ve seen at my Disney Dinners. This is where you’ll find my spätzle maker (a wonderful gift!), my ice cream containers, my favorite dinner party CD, my favorite floppy hat, the sunglasses I wear all the time, my donut pans, my cutting boards, and many decor items.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

Altogether there’s over 150 items in my Amazon store. I make a small commission from every item in the store (at no additional cost to you!) so thank you for shopping with The Rose Table! Shop my Amazon store here.

Happy holidays,

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