How to Project Dinosaurs on a Window

Jurassic Park Party Ideas

If you’ve seen my Jurassic Park party, you may have questions about how the heck I did that! Photos and videos don’t even do the effect justice. It really looked like there were dinosaurs right outside the window. Here’s how to project dinosaurs on a window!

Jurassic Park Party Ideas

Watch the episode and see the effect in action here: 

I used my AtmosFX projector, the same projector I used to projector fireworks on my ceiling, dancing skeletons at my Haunted Mansion party, and singing pumpkins at my Halloween party, for this effect. More specifically, I used the “Dinosaur Encounter” pack. (You can also purchase each dinosaur scene individually here.)  I downloaded the pack, copied it onto my SD Card, and popped the card into my projector. 

Jurassic Park Party IdeasHow to Project Dinosaur on Window Jurassic Park Party

I taped the screen that came with the projector on the outside of the window where I wanted the effect to appear. I then set the projector on a small table (about 3′ high) about 6-7′ back from the window. The screen and projector were outside of the house. After dark, I turned the projector on and set it to run through all of the dinosaur effects (simply by selecting them all, then hitting play). That’s it! Dinosaurs in the dining room. Pretty cool, huh?

How to Project Dinosaur on Window Jurassic Park PartyJurassic Park Party IdeasJurassic Park Party Ideas

There are several scenes showcasing a T-rex, raptors, a triceratops, and a brontosaurus. The projector ran all night long (for at least four hours) and never got hot or stopped playing the effect. If you’re hosting a dinosaur party, this is THE decor element you need. I wish I had taken photos of my friends’ faces when they walked in. Jaws were on the floor! I cannot stress enough how much the photos don’t even do it justice. You’ll just have to see for yourself! 

Jurassic Park Party Ideas
Hangin’ with my girls!

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