Game of Thorns 2022

It’s the most beautiful time of year: Game of Thorns! Few things bring me as much joy as watching my roses bloom for the first time after a long, dormant winter. Watching roses wake up is one of the great joys of springtime! 

Game of Thorns 2022 Winner: Scentimental

The first rose to open this year was my beloved Scentimental. Planted in my courtyard, this rose is not only the most striking in my garden but also the best smelling. Each rose looks hand-painted and no two blooms are alike. It really is a sight for sore eyes! On a breezy day, I can smell its sweet scent as soon as I open the back door. Read about Scentimental here.

Scentimental RoseScentimental RoseScentimental Rose


The next rose to open was Bordeaux, which greets guests at my front door. This true red rose is an easy keeper and seems to love hanging out next to English mint. Bordeaux is a Kordes rose (I love Kordes roses!) that’s heat resistant. Last year it bloomed until New Year’s Eve, can you believe it?!

Bordeaux Rose



Next up was Piñata, one of my new roses that I planted last year. This two-tone climbing rose gets huge but it’s still just about a foot high in my front yard. I know last year it was working on its root system so I’m hoping this year we get some height!

Piñata Climbing RosePiñata Climbing RosePiñata Climbing Rose

Golden Celebration

This rose is pure sunshine. Golden Celebration is outside my office window, lighting up my work day. The big blooms unfurl in such a beautiful way. This is a carefree rose that would be great for beginner gardeners. Read about Golden Celebration here.

Golden Celebration Rose


Another new rose, Tiffany is a hybrid tea rose that grows about 3-4′ tall. It’s still a baby in my garden but doing well!

Tiffany Rose

Show Your Stripes

This impressive grandiflora (not to be confused with Scentimental) opened first last year but was one of the last to open this year. This was Jackson and Perkins’ 2020 Rose of the Year. You can read all about it here.

Show Your Stripes Rose

Plum Perfect

Last but certainly not least is my love, Plum Perfect. This really is the most impressive rose, standing nearly as tall as I do, showering you with dozens and dozens of blooms pretty much as soon as it starts blooming! This is a must-have rose. Read about it here.

Plum Perfect RosePlum Perfect Rose

I hope you enjoyed this walk around my garden! Not all of my roses are blooming just yet but they’re full of swollen rosebuds. I’ll do a garden update in May to show you the rest!

Happy growing,

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