Horse Treat Plate

Looking for a horse treat recipe to celebrate your horse? Make my Horse Treat Plate!

Horse Treat Plate

You didn’t think I’d leave Wendy out of the fun at my Brunch at the Barn, did you? I styled a variety of horse treats to look like a cheese plate and my Friesian LOVED IT. She gobbled it up! It has all of her favorite: blackberries, blueberries, and apple slices, plus sweet potato cubes, watermelon, alfalfa cubes, and carrots.

Horse Treat Plate
She saved the apples for last!

Is this the amount of treats I normally give Wendy in one sitting? Absolutely not. But it sure is fun for your horse’s birthday or special occasion! I can’t even take credit for this delightful idea. My trainer Hannah suggested a fruit plate for Wendy and I ran with it. 

Horse Treat Plate

Wendy’s Fruit & Veggie Plate
Apple slices
Watermelon cubes

Sweet potato cubes
Alfalfa cubes

  1. Arrange everything on a plate and serve!

And before you say that Wendy is spoiled, I’m going to quote a viral meme I saw this week: my horse is competitively compensated for the mental health services she provides. 🙂 Read more about my Brunch at the Barn here. Watch the episode here:

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Horse Treat Recipe

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