Maiden Voyage

I have exciting news, Rosies! I finally took my new cart out for its maiden voyage last week when my friend Sarah was in town. If you missed it, I announced that I bought the cart in my article about my horse Wendy’s sweet 16. I’ve never owned a cart before despite driving being my favorite equestrian sport so this is really exciting news. Wendy is currently in driving training at Laurel Ridge Stables. It’s my dream twenty years in the making to drive her and now I have a cart that’s perfect for her! In the meantime, I’m having a blast driving miss Dolly here.

Horse Blog | Driving
Is this a classy little cart or what?

My cart is a little two-wheeled easy-entry deluxe exercise cart from Carolina Carriage Superstore, which I’ve literally been stalking on Facebook for years! It has pneumatic tires for all-terrain driving and a built-in whip holder. Mark my words: this is the first Rose Table cart. My carriage collection starts now!

Horse Blog | Driving

Horse Blog | Driving

I was a little nervous when I first got in the cart because it feels so different from the jog carts I’m used to driving! The seat is quite a bit higher up and felt foreign to me at first but I already love it. It’s a nice view up there! I love the easy-entry design and friendly step. My friends can easily get in and out of the cart. (Jog carts are much trickier to get in and out of and don’t have a floor; your feet are up in stirrups.) My trainer Hannah pointed out that, thanks to this design, I can now drive in a dress all summer long. Don’t mind if I do!

Horse Blog | Driving
Dolly is the best girl!

I was the most surprised to discover how incredibly fast and nimble the cart is, especially considering it’s heavier than what I’m used to. We took it out in the field for a joy ride after our lesson and my trainer’s Haflinger Dolly flew like freaking Hermes in this thing! It handles so well and is incredibly smooth on terrain. 

Horse Blog | Driving

What a great first drive! I felt so cute in my new Stylish Equestrian bit scarf and white driving gloves. The Rose Table is officially ready for summertime at the farm! Next up: driving Wendy. 

Stylish Equestrian Scarf

Horse Blog | Driving

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Happy trotting,

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  1. What a wonderful horse adventure! Love the pink scarf too!

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