Garden Brunch

I made the loveliest garden brunch for my friend Sarah on the last day of her visit and I just have to tell you guys about it! My climbing Peggy Martin rose got me in the mood for a beautiful spring brunch amongst the flowers. 

Garden Brunch Ideas

The Table

I set the table on my back patio with the flower tablecloth from Disney Dinners: Alice in Wonderland. The table needs very little to look good with this show-stopping tablecloth! I then grabbed my favorite outdoor white lantern and a bouquet of (faux!) tulips from Mint Julep (they have the BEST faux florals!) and I used my favorite floral plates for the ultimate spring tablescape. 

Garden Brunch Ideas

The Food

One of the few things Sarah requested for her visit was my famous french toast.  I make a lot of different flavors of French toast but on this particular day I made my delicious Orange French Toast, which has both fresh orange zest and Fiori di Sicilia (orange vanilla) extract in the custard. It smells absolutely incredible when it’s cooking! Get the recipe here.

Garden Brunch Ideas

I didn’t have time to go to the store when we got back from the lake (yes, I pulled the brioche out of my freezer) but luckily I had some oranges in the fridge. Don’t you love how long citrus lasts? Since I normally do fresh berries with French toast, I made my favorite Blueberry Lemon Sauce using the blueberries in my freezer that I picked at Blase Family Farm last year. Like our girl Ina always says, if you can’t pick your own blueberries and freeze them for a rainy day, store bought is fine. LOL! It was the perfect accompaniment to the citrusy French toast. Get the recipe here

Garden Brunch Ideas

Garden Brunch Ideas

Last but certainly not least I made my Brown Sugar Bacon with a pinch of cayenne. This baked bacon recipe is such an easy way to cook a lot of bacon at once and the brown sugar absolutely transforms the texture. Get the recipe here.

Garden Brunch Ideas

I hope that gave you inspiration for your very own garden brunch! Get tons more breakfast recipes here.

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