Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

Looking for the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer? You found it! This Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board screams holiday.

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board
Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

It’s just impossible for me to make a charcuterie board without a salami rose these days. It’s just so pretty and literally takes 60 seconds. If you haven’t seen my salami rose tutorial, read this.

Salami Rose Charcuterie Board

I bought gorgeous Le Roule cheese with cranberry from France that was surprisingly delicious on apple slices. I also used my famous homemade cranberry sauce spooned over cream cheese for this board. That alone would be a fantastic appetizer! It’s absolutely delicious on a crunchy cracker.

The Best Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Speaking of crackers, I also used adorable homemade leaf crackers I baked the day before. Obviously you can substitute store bought crackers if you prefer.

Leaf Crackers

Now I know I always complain about charcuterie boards on the internet that have chocolate next to cheese but I did decide to use my gorgeous sugared cranberries on this board. Why? Well they’re sweet AND tart and they’re very pop-able if you were walking past the board. If that’s too out there for you, you could easily use dried cranberries instead.

Sugared Cranberries

I hope this inspires you to take your very own Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board to your holiday gathering. Please tag @therosetable if you do. I would love to see your creations!

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board
Salami rose
Cream cheese
Cranberry sauce
Cranberry cheese
Aged white cheddar

Apple slices
Dried apricots
Leaf crackers
Cranberry almond crackers
Sugared cranberries
Fresh rosemary

  1. Place sugared cranberries in a bowl and place on board.
  2. Make a salami rose and flip onto board.
  3. Arrange cheeses and prosciutto around platter. Add leaf crackers, cranberry crackers, and apple slices. Fill any gaps with dried apricots and almonds. Finish with rosemary sprigs.
  4. Finally, spoon homemade cranberry sauce over the cream cheese and serve.

Happy holidays,

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