Maple Berry Yogurt Parfaits

This is hardly a recipe but as my loyal readers know, I’ve had a ton of requests for more or less serving idea so here we are! One brunch hack I love is to serve fruit, yogurt, and granola in either a wine glass, martini glass, or margarita glass. This frees up valuable placemat real estate and looks so chic.

Maple Berry Yogurt Parfait | The Rose Table Maple Berry Yogurt Parfait | The Rose Table

Can’t find maple yogurt? Stir a tablespoon of maple syrup in traditional plain Greek Gods yogurt to taste.

Maple Berry Yogurt Parfait | The Rose Table

Maple Berry Yogurt Parfaits
Per parfait:
1/4 cup Greek Gods maple yogurt
1/3 cup mixed berries, washed and pat dry

2 Tbsp of your favorite granola

  1. Spoon 1 Tbsp granola into a margarita or wine glass. Add two large spoonfuls of yogurt. Add half of your berries. Repeat layers and sprinkle a little bit more granola on top.

Maple Berry Yogurt Parfait | The Rose Table

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Photo credit: Brandon Baker, Brandon Does Dallas

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Read more about this brunch here.

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