Mushroom Omelette

I sure wish I had taken more photos of this beautiful breakfast! I just snapped a couple before gobbling it up. I wasn’t planning on writing about this but it’s such a great dish, that I’m really noting this for myself.  I especially wish I had taken a photo after cutting into it so you can see how perfectly melty the cheese is!

This is a hearty breakfast that will pretty much keep you satisfied until dinner, especially if served with potatoes and bacon. My go-to omelette has always been a mushroom omelette and now I’ve finally perfected the cheese: fontina. You can use mozzarella in a pinch, which I’ve done for years, but fontina is the perfect complement. Herbes de Provence is my herb of choice here, as it’s always my herb of choice for mushrooms. It’s just perfect!

Mushroom Omelette | The Rose Table

Please do not wash the mushrooms. I shudder every time I see people do this. They absorb so much water and will be ruined if you wash them. Instead dampen a paper towel and thoroughly wipe the dirt away. It may take several paper towels to get through a box of mushrooms but trust me, your end dish will be far better for it.

Mushroom Omelette | The Rose Table

Mushroom Omelette
Serves 1
1/2 box baby bella mushrooms
1 Tbsp butter
Dash Herbes de Provence
2 large eggs
1 Tbsp half and half
Salt, pepper
1/4 grated Fontina cheese
Basil for garnish

  1. Dampen a paper towel and wipe mushrooms clean.
  2. Melt buter over medium-low heat in a small non-stick pan. Toss mushrooms with butter and sprinkle with a dash of Herbes de Provence. Let cook low and slow for at least ten minutes until a lovely brown color.
  3. Beat two eggs in a small bowl with a fork. Whisk in half and half, salt, and pepper.
  4. Reduce heat to low. Add egg mixture and allow to set for thirty seconds. Use a spatula to push egg to the center of the pan, then tilt to allow uncooked egg to cover the exposed pan. Repeat several times. Use a pancake spatula to flip omelette. Immediately layer a generous amount of grated fontina cheese. Carefully fold the omelette in half and continue to cook over low heat until cheese has melted. Garnish with basil if desired. Serving suggestion: potatoes and bacon.

Happy cooking,

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