Simple Summer Salads

I love salads. I often find myself defending salads. Why does salad have a reputation for being boring? Salad is anything but boring! Every bite is a different combination of ingredients. I eat salad several nights a week for dinner because it’s fast and easy. Here are some of my favorites to inspire your own salad endeavors:

A mix of romaine and butterhead lettuce, feta cheese, slivered almonds, strawberries, and salmon, tossed with a raspberry vinaigrette. If you love sweet salads, you’ll love this combination!
Romaine lettuce with chopped celery, avocado, feta cheese, basil, almonds, and tomatoes. I prefer this salad with homemade ranch dressing or lemon vinaigrette for a lighter option.
Chopped salads are so fun, aren’t they? I made this one with leftover ham, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, hearts of palm, feta cheese, romaine, and an olive for garnish with a home lemon-thyme dressing.
Whether you grill tuna or use last night’s leftover, this salad does not disappoint. I tossed Romaine lettuce with a homemade lemon-herb dressing, feta cheese, tomatoes, and leftover French potato salad. If you’ve never had Ina Garten’s French Potato Salad in Tuna Nicoise Salad, do so immediately. It’s a delightfully light version of potato salad and adds a layer of texture to salad.
This is admittedly not my prettiest salad, but it’s one of my go-to weekend lunches. Silky butterhead lettuce is the perfect complement to crispy bacon. Add garden-fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and toss with a homemade lemon-thyme dressing.

You might have noticed by now that I am a big fan of feta cheese. So much so that feta appears in every single salad pictured above. This is by no means the only cheese that I love, but it is definitely my favorite to eat in salad.

I also mention homemade lemon dressings in several of these salads. I was given the neatest gadget by my German professor (vielen dank, Frau Chapa!) and I use it all the time. Run out and by one of these immediately:

I grab a cup, pour in some extra virgin olive oil, zest and squeeze a lemon, add some herbs from my garden and a pinch of salt, and mix it all together with this nifty tool and voile, fresh dressing at a moment’s notice!

Have you ever made your own salad dressing?

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